7 September 2010

-What you wearing?? -Naked

Colour me…I’m naked
Colour me… I’m stripped
Dress me… I’m naked
Dress me… I’m stripped
Re-create me… I’m naked
Re-create me… I’m stripped

There’s one thing that people seem to always take for granted, and it is one thing that makes us unique. The only thing that covered in rags or covered in art is still the same, the only thing that changes constantly, day by day, that grows day by day, that science still finds and forever will find a mystery.
The naked body, I have been obsessed with naked models recently, or to be honest I have been obsessed with the naked body in general. Because a picture of a naked
person, if you don’t know their history can be timeless.

Most people could easily argue that when they are naked they are most vulnerable, but I believe that is when you are the strongest, no one knows your body better than you so why not use your flaws and turned them into perfections.

Where the problem lies is what people perceive of a naked body or the image of a naked body. The conservatives are always shocked and would not appreciate such an image, because of the sexual nature of the human mind, but that is one thing we can stop, if we actually look beyond the sexual act and we look at the art, the real art of a naked body. The lines, that no matter how hard you try to draw you could never get it right, the skin that no how a designer could find a fabric that when you touch it, feels like the human skin, the spots, the beauty spots, the freckles and every particulars of the human skin.

I say embrace your body no matter what size it is, style is personal (if you got any) but your body is way more personal, intimate and unique.

While listening to:
Billie Holiday - Solitude
Keri Hilson - Turn My Swag On
D'Angelo - Untitled (How does it feel)

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