10 July 2010

Ghetto Chic

I’m not a GHETTO CHICK, but hopefully I am GHETTO CHIC. Maybe it’s because I’m black, maybe it’s because I live in Tottenham but I have a severe fetish for all things ghetto. Don’t get me wrong, it is never ok to be completely ghetto a.k.a YARDIE (i’m Jamaican, i’m allowed to say this)...including glued on green weaves (no you are not nicki minaj darling), too tight jeans with belly hanging over fake Gucci belt and some sort of facial piercing/skin bleaching. Being ghetto chic means taking influences such as a crazy long weaves or huge gold earrings like these:

And yes I do own SEVERAL pairs. (don’t judge :p)

The trick is to infiltrate it with aspects of high fashion...do something unexpected with it. If your hair reaches the middle of your back (like mine) and your earrings nearly touch your shoulders, then make sure that your make-up and fashion are something which totally contradict this. For instance why not go for a 1950’s look on your face: a light foundation (I love Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich liquid foundation), dark eyebrows, black liquid eyeliner painted on thickly...think a less extreme Amy Winehouse and Red lipstick. Think Dita Von Teese. Think Ghetto Pin-up Girl.

Why not put this look with a cropped demin jacket, vintage t-shirt or vest top and then let your feet do the talking with some Reebok Hightops. Its like you just stepped out of 1980s New York...not so much Manhattan, probably Brooklyn...or somewhere else with a high crime rate and hot men hanging around on street corners, making them all the more desirable.

I am totally and utterly obsessed with my Reebok hightops as everyone that knows me will and can testify. When feeling safe I wear them with tracksuit bottoms, but since when I am ever safe? So most of the time they are clashing with my River Island polka dot leggings, which I couldn’t live without. Polka dots are my new, time consuming obsession.
Graphic leggings are also a good look maybe with a simple black vest top, a hooded leather jacket and some bright pink lipstick.

The trick to this whole look, is that you want to be the girl that everyone looks at. They want every single thing you’re wearing. You want them to not be able to recognise where you got your clothes from, even if it’s from H&M. You want to be that girl that makes every single person hate you. Because they could never put the outfit together like you do. You want to be THE GHETTO CHIC CHICK.

Skin tight dresses with military boots? YES PLEASE!

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