25 November 2010

In The Dark...

Also i know this is a fashion blog...blah blah blah...BUT...

Music is art and art is fashion. SO THERE!

I wanted to post a couple of videos by a hiphop artist named Akil Dasan. If anyone watched Missy Elliots Road To Stardom on Trouble like 7 years ago then hopefully you'll remember him. (Yelawolf was also on the same show). In my head he's like a softer Immortal Technique. So if you love 'alternative' hip hop, something more than hip hop describing sex from the from the back, in the front, upside down, sideways etc etc then this is the man for you.


and follow him on twitter: @akildasan :)

Pink Thursday...

So I wanted to inform everyone of my latest obsession in the make up world which is this:

 Except not in this colour but in FUSCHIA...which I like adore more than my lil brothers at the moment (I joke, I joke). When it comes to lipstick I usually would prefer to stick to Mac...but this is the ultimate lipstick in my eyes. Its glossy without being tacky. Its shiny without having those annoying shimmery, glittery bits which i depise in a lipstick. Its also the perfect amount of matte so can still be worn in the daytime for a high impact look. I think it just blends perfectly with the ghetto chic look I'm constantly striving to complete. And anyone who knows me knows how much i love quilting...so isn't this lipstick case PERFECT for me.

I wore it with black eye makeup, leopard print H&M cardigan and highwaisted tweed River Island Shorts. I was only going to a debate but my new aim in life is to impress every second of the day; you never know when I'm going to meet my future husband lol.

Love and smooches...

2 November 2010

Still Lovin Lanvin 4 Lovin High Street - Video

Hey fauxshionistas!!!

The video is out and it is awesome I got my name written all over that black suit with the white brooch, soooo Alber.


Djide A.

ps. Review from one of our Fauxshion Royals soon!

1 November 2010


As promised a picture of me as Pocahantas..

 I know there was no suede...but at least there was a long ponytail and tassles involved :)

26 October 2010

Bitch not witch for Halloween...

So the scariest time of year is nearly upon us...Halloween. I'm actually quite proud of the fact that I've never dressed up for it before (something about black parents and devil masks just don't quite fit). But since a good friend of mine is tying it in with her birthday I have no choice but to make an effort. But now to pick a character :o

First thought in my head was the ultimate ghetto goddess: Nicki "Pink wig, thick ass, give em whiplash" Minaj.

But apparently I should steer clear, something about me not being pretty enough, or my bum not being big enough. It was probably both reasons to be honest.

So I've decided to go as a diva pochantas.

River Island leaf green tassled top, gold sandals, headband...and a choice between either feather eyelashes or feather earrings. Something tells me the eyelashes will stand out more...

Would Pocahantas have worn red lipstick...I really want to wear red lipstick.

If this all works out then I may upload pictures...maybe.

Jadeybaby <3

25 October 2010

Kanye West - Runaway

Hey fauxshionistas!
Can't say much about this, SPEECHLESS

Djide A.

Lovin Lanvin 4 Lovin High Street

Hello my sexy Fauxshionistas!Great news, a week and 2 days and the the video from the Lanvin (hearts) H&M will be up and our Christmas lists are going to be 10 pages longer. I am thinking that this will be the best collaboration ever after the Puma by Alexander McQueen (RIP), because one of the fashion gods Albert Elbaz, never seems to fail and the fact that he's working with H&M is just making me respect him even more.

I am super excited for the line because its going to be menswear and I hope and pray that he will incorporate some man clutches because I need me one right

now. I shall post the video as soon as it drops.

I see flowers, roses(they have their own category to me, so I have to give them a special mention), black, pearls and leopard prints, and my reaction is, in the words of the queen RZA, BA-NA-NAS! Can't wait for what he's going to do to menswear.

The second of November could not come any sooner.

Smooches, fauxshionistas!

Djide A.

ps: The FauxShion Royals are officially in action.

While listening to:

Alex Britti - Piove

Blake McGrath - Relax