25 October 2010

Lovin Lanvin 4 Lovin High Street

Hello my sexy Fauxshionistas!Great news, a week and 2 days and the the video from the Lanvin (hearts) H&M will be up and our Christmas lists are going to be 10 pages longer. I am thinking that this will be the best collaboration ever after the Puma by Alexander McQueen (RIP), because one of the fashion gods Albert Elbaz, never seems to fail and the fact that he's working with H&M is just making me respect him even more.

I am super excited for the line because its going to be menswear and I hope and pray that he will incorporate some man clutches because I need me one right

now. I shall post the video as soon as it drops.

I see flowers, roses(they have their own category to me, so I have to give them a special mention), black, pearls and leopard prints, and my reaction is, in the words of the queen RZA, BA-NA-NAS! Can't wait for what he's going to do to menswear.

The second of November could not come any sooner.

Smooches, fauxshionistas!

Djide A.

ps: The FauxShion Royals are officially in action.

While listening to:

Alex Britti - Piove

Blake McGrath - Relax

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