25 November 2010

Pink Thursday...

So I wanted to inform everyone of my latest obsession in the make up world which is this:

 Except not in this colour but in FUSCHIA...which I like adore more than my lil brothers at the moment (I joke, I joke). When it comes to lipstick I usually would prefer to stick to Mac...but this is the ultimate lipstick in my eyes. Its glossy without being tacky. Its shiny without having those annoying shimmery, glittery bits which i depise in a lipstick. Its also the perfect amount of matte so can still be worn in the daytime for a high impact look. I think it just blends perfectly with the ghetto chic look I'm constantly striving to complete. And anyone who knows me knows how much i love quilting...so isn't this lipstick case PERFECT for me.

I wore it with black eye makeup, leopard print H&M cardigan and highwaisted tweed River Island Shorts. I was only going to a debate but my new aim in life is to impress every second of the day; you never know when I'm going to meet my future husband lol.

Love and smooches...

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