26 October 2010

Bitch not witch for Halloween...

So the scariest time of year is nearly upon us...Halloween. I'm actually quite proud of the fact that I've never dressed up for it before (something about black parents and devil masks just don't quite fit). But since a good friend of mine is tying it in with her birthday I have no choice but to make an effort. But now to pick a character :o

First thought in my head was the ultimate ghetto goddess: Nicki "Pink wig, thick ass, give em whiplash" Minaj.

But apparently I should steer clear, something about me not being pretty enough, or my bum not being big enough. It was probably both reasons to be honest.

So I've decided to go as a diva pochantas.

River Island leaf green tassled top, gold sandals, headband...and a choice between either feather eyelashes or feather earrings. Something tells me the eyelashes will stand out more...

Would Pocahantas have worn red lipstick...I really want to wear red lipstick.

If this all works out then I may upload pictures...maybe.

Jadeybaby <3

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